March 24, 2019
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Thailand election: Pro-military political party takes lead

Mar 24, 2019

A pro-military political party in Thailand has taken an unexpected lead in the country's first election since the army took power five years ago.With ...

Get Ready for Sierra Capri's Glow Up

Mar 24, 2019

Last year, Netflix original series On My Block took the Internet by storm. The show became a trending topic on social media, as Latinx fans and inner-...

5 Fantastic YouTubers Fighting The Spread Of Alt-Right Propa…

Mar 24, 2019

YouTube's recommendation algorithm has twisted prioritiesWatch a couple of video essays dissecting superhero movies on YouTube, and the algorithm will...

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$1.3 million perfume launched in Dubai

Mar 24, 2019

(CNN) — An Emirati perfumery claims it has created the most expensive perfume in the world. Called Shamukh -- "deserving the highest" in Arabic ...

The Mueller report findings

Mar 24, 2019

A summary of the Mueller report findings, according to Attorney General William Barr’s letter to top lawmakers.

30 Amazing Examples Of Drone Photography

Mar 24, 2019

Drone is probably one of the most exciting photography inventions in recent history. It allows photographers to take stunning aerial images of ou...


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