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Use AI to weather the upcoming data deprecation storm
Dec 03, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - Use AI to weather the upcoming data deprecation storm

This article was contributed by Tara DeZao, product marketing director, AdTech and MarTech at Pega

Last summer’s announcement that Google’s third-party cookie deprecation has been pushed out to 2023 drew cheers, yawns, and everything in between. But the question remains: what will advertisers and marketers do with the extra time? Will they squander it and resist evolution until the bitter end? Or will they use it to make real changes in pursuit of better business outcomes and improved customer experiences?

There’s a scene in “My So-Called Life,” the 90s TV drama that followed a group of angsty teens as they navigated the pitfalls of a suburban high school. The protagonist, Angela Chase, is huddled in the girls’ bathroom, frantically studying for a test, and demoralizing herself for not doing it sooner. Suddenly, another student bursts through the door and triumphantly shouts, “The copy machine ate our geometry test!” Given the time period and its lack of digitization, this meant that the crowd of girls huddled in the bathroom had a one-day reprieve and all cheered triumphantly, grateful for the extra study time.

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