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How Hiya taps AI to kill phone spam
Nov 29, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - How Hiya taps AI to kill phone spam

Have you noticed that you’re getting more calls correctly identified as spam on your phones? Well, Hiya probably has something to do with that.

The Seattle, Washington-based startup, with major clients in telecoms, is using artificial intelligence to detect 20% more illegal and unwanted calls than existing technologies currently do, CEO and founder Alex Algard told VentureBeat.

The company last week introduced what it calls adaptive AI as an addition to its Hiya Protect product, which is used by wireless carriers, smartphone makers, and app developers as part of its service packages. It’s available in services such as AT&T Call Protect, Samsung Smart Call, and the Hiya app.

Algard said the new technology is informed by live data streams from carriers, devices, and apps. “Adaptive AI observes the patterns left by spammers in the network traffic and adapts in real-time to block them without the need for human retraining or historical data,” he said.

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