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Celonis investing heavily to build out process-mining platform
Oct 20, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - Celonis investing heavily to build out process-mining platform

Celonis, a Germany-based maker of process-mining tools, has announced several key acquisitions, capabilities, and partnerships involving its core platform. These include the launch of the Celonis Execution Graph, the acquisition of Lenses.io, a maker of streaming data tools, and a partnership with Canada’s Conexiom.

Gartner Research has characterized process mining as a core technology for building out the digital twin of an organization. These capabilities allow executives to peer inside business processes, identify inefficiencies, and design more efficient workflows by testing out a twin that doesn’t interfere with operations. These recent moves will make it easier to use graph data and streaming data to extend executable digital twins of an organization across process and even company boundaries.

Nov 24, 2021 | Venture Beat
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