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Hotspots and cool yachts: escape in 2022
Jan 14, 2022 | A Luxury Travel Blog
Picture - Hotspots and cool yachts: escape in 2022

An extraordinary number of spectacular superyachts are available to charter worldwide with many people now looking to plan a summer getaway in 2022. Many of the most fabulous charter yachts can be found anchored either in the glorious coves of the Bahamas or the historical harbours of New England during the summer months, and it’s easy to see the appeal of both. From picture-perfect beaches and a vibrant underwater world to quirky art galleries and a charming coastal vibe, there is so much to explore on a luxury yacht charter.

The Bahamas

The home of leisurely cruising, a superyacht charter in the Bahamas archipelago is an ideal opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Whether soaking up colonial charm and spectacular views in the Abacos or heading to the unspoiled Exumas, the ubiquitous pristine beaches and crystal waters are a year-round yachting haven. Choose a superyacht with a range of water toys, knowledgeable crew plus great amenities and it is a recipe for success. When the sun goes down, a dedicated chef that can create mouth-watering dishes will deliver the perfect end to a busy day paddleboarding or water-skiing. There is most certainly no better way to explore the Bahamas than from the water with an endless flow of island hotspots to discover during an itinerary tailored entirely to your requirements.

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