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The best of USC's Drake London is still to come
Oct 21, 2021 | ESPN
Picture - The best of USC's Drake London is still to come

The Little Tikes hoop was a way to keep Drake London occupied. From the moment he could walk, just after turning 1, London was bursting with energy. His parents Dwan and Cindi bought the hoop for their backyard in order to entertain him, and to their surprise, their son knew exactly what to do. At just 2 years old, he would walk over to the "hoot" -- as his mom Cindi remembers her young son calling it -- and shoot the ball, his feet perfectly together and pointed toward the basket, his left hand following through.

"When I would come home from day care, preschool, I would go straight to the Tikes and start shooting," London said. "I know that if I couldn't play hoops that day, I'd be crying."

Cindi can vouch for those tears.

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