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How AI and ML can thwart a cybersecurity threat no one talks about
Dec 03, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - How AI and ML can thwart a cybersecurity threat no one talks about

Ransomware attackers rely on USB drives to deliver malware, jumping the air gap that all industrial distribution, manufacturing, and utilities rely on as their first line of defense against cyberattacks. Seventy-nine percent of USB attacks can potentially disrupt the operational technologies (OT) that power industrial processing plants, according to Honeywell’s Industrial Cybersecurity USB Threat Report 2021.

The study finds the incidence of malware-based USB attacks is one of the fastest-growing and most undetectable threat vectors that process-based industries such as public utilities face today, as the Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods illustrate. Utilities are also being targeted by ransomware attackers, as the thwarted ransomware attacks on water processing plants in Florida and Northern California aimed at contaminating water supplies illustrate. According to Check Point Software Technologies’ ThreatCloud database, U.S. utilities have been attacked 300 times every week with a 50% increase in just two months.

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