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Jones eyes 270 lbs., wants Ngannou-Gane winner
Sep 23, 2021 | ESPN
Picture - Jones eyes 270 lbs., wants Ngannou-Gane winner

LAS VEGAS -- Jon Jones has not yet fought at heavyweight. But the longtime former UFC light heavyweight champion told ESPN on Thursday night that he weighs 255 pounds right now and is planning to get up to 270 pounds before a heavyweight debut he wants to make against the winner of Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane.

The heavyweight limit is 265 pounds, so the 6-foot-4 Jones would cut those final five pounds for weigh-in day. Jones is the greatest champion in the history of the light heavyweight division, weighing in for those bouts at 205 pounds.

"I just don't want to feel smaller than any of the guys," Jones said prior to his first fight with Alexander Gustafsson in 2013 being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. "I want to be more conditioned, more skilled and just as strong, if not the strongest guy."

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