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Intel open-sources AI-powered tool to spot bugs in code
Oct 20, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - Intel open-sources AI-powered tool to spot bugs in code

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Intel today open-sourced ControlFlag, a tool that uses machine learning to detect problems in computer code — ideally to reduce the time required to debug apps and software. In tests, the company’s machine programming research team says that ControlFlag has found hundreds of defects in proprietary, “production-quality” software, demonstrating its usefulness.

“Last year, ControlFlag identified a code anomaly in Client URL (cURL), a computer software project transferring data using various network protocols over one billion times a day,” Intel principal AI scientist Justin Gottschlich wrote in a blog post on LinkedIn. “Most recently, ControlFlag achieved state-of-the-art results by identifying hundreds of latent defects related to memory and potential system crash bugs in proprietary production-level software. In addition, ControlFlag found dozens of novel anomalies on several high-quality open-source software repositories.”

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