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10 Positive Signs They’ll Make A Great Partner
Sep 08, 2021 | James M Sama
Picture - 10 Positive Signs They’ll Make A Great Partner

We spend a lot of time talking about the red flags to look for in a partner or relationship. But, what about all of the positive signs that someone may actually be different from the rest and give you all that you deserve?

Isn’t that what we’re looking for, anyway? So, why not understand what it looks like so we’ll recognize it when it shows up…?

Here are 10 positive signs that someone just might be the real deal:

When you’re building a relationship with someone new, they’ll always be putting their best foot forward. They’ll be on their best behavior and do whatever they can to win your affection — as they should.

Note: This effort should be consistent and not fade after the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship, but that’s a conversation for another article.

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