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The shape of edge AI to come
Nov 24, 2021 | Venture Beat
Picture - The shape of edge AI to come

It’s not often the world of semiconductors is turned on its head. It’s clear that a similar transformation is occurring as a superabundance of start-ups takes on the challenge of low-power neural nets.

These start-ups are trying to move neural network-based machine learning from the cloud data center to embedded systems in the field – to what’s now called “the edge.” Making chips work in this new world will require new ways of setting up neurals, designing memory paths, and compiling to hardware.

Establishing this new formula will challenge the brightest heads in electrical engineering. But the push has begun for edge AI. It’s spawned myriad startups, including Axelera.AI, Deep Vision, EdgeQ, Hailo, Sima.ai, and many more.

15 hours ago | Venture Beat
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