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How – and where – to sell your old or unwanted tech gear
Jan 15, 2022 | USA Today
Picture - How – and where – to sell your old or unwanted tech gear

If you unwrapped a brand-new iPhone or Fitbit over the holidays, what are you going to do with your old device?

Or perhaps you treated yourself to a shiny new digital single-lens reflex camera or mirrorless camera on Black Friday and so you no longer need to hold onto your Canon Rebel T5i from 2013.

Understandably, many turn to apps and the web to sell used or unwanted tech.

After all, not only will you help declutter your home by getting rid of gadgets you don’t have any use for, but chances are you’re able to use that extra cash to pay down the big credit card bills you may be facing later in January.

You’ve got a few ways to unload your stuff: online classifieds sites (like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace), peer-to-peer marketplaces (like eBay) and an increasingly popular option is selling to a platform that gives you cash to take tech off your hands and they may resell it to someone looking for a deal. Examples include Decluttr and Gazelle for mobile phones and MacBooks and MPB for camera gear.

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