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Amanda Chantal Bacon Knows Wellness Is Privileged
Oct 21, 2021 | The Cut
Picture - Amanda Chantal Bacon Knows Wellness Is Privileged

Amanda Chantal Bacon — the founder behind Moon Juice, the destination for adaptogen-powered supplements and skin care — changed her approach to wellness during the pandemic. Forced to stay at home and communicate through Zoom, she recognized the toll that constant traveling was taking on her body. In that stillness, she was able to work on her second cookbook, The Moon Juice Manual: Adaptogenic Recipes for Natural Stress Relief (which is out now). It’s much more “approachable” than her first, Bacon promises. This time around, “the goal was easy, fun, comforting, yummy food — and at the heart of it, it was my job to worry about things like the recipes being low-glycemic (and secretly they’re all anti-inflammatory foods).” Expect recipes like Horny Goat Weed Brownies, Supershroom Pancakes and Waffles, and Eleuthero Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

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