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Democrats ready to put a wrap on dragged-out talks
Oct 25, 2021 | The Hill
Picture - Democrats ready to put a wrap on dragged-out talks

Democrats are eager to finish talks over

's sweeping spending bill, arguing the party is gaining little by dragging out negotiations. 

The push to wrap things up quickly comes as months of haggling has led to pent-up frustrations that have dominated headlines and conversations around Capitol Hill. Democrats missed a self-imposed deadline of working out a framework by Friday, though talks continued into the weekend. 

Even once Democrats lock in a framework, they’ll likely still have days of drafting and ironing out details. But, after days of patience wearing increasingly thin, lawmakers are eager to take the first step and show that they and Biden can deliver on the massive spending package. 

“It's hurting Biden. It's hurting the Democrats. It's undermining the vision of all the accomplishments we will have as being highly significant. The frustration is people's heads are blowing off. And they should be. It has to come to an end,” Sen.

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