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Biden reconciliation bill faces Senate land mines
Nov 30, 2021 | The Hill
Picture - Biden reconciliation bill faces Senate land mines

Manchin has also raised concerns for months about inflation and indicated that he got an earful while back in West Virginia over the Thanksgiving break. 

“I heard an awful lot over the Thanksgiving break that, you know, prices were high and that people were very much upset about that and concerned about, ‘is inflation going to get worse,’ ” he said. 

Senate Budget Committee Chairman

(I-Vt.), meanwhile, is trying to go bigger on the Medicare expansion. The House-passed bill would expand Medicare to cover hearing, but Sanders is pushing to expand it to also include vision and dental. 

“I intend to do everything I can to make that happen,” he said. 

Even as Democrats try to solve the legislative Rubik’s Cube on what can get 50 votes from the caucus, they also still need to win over the Senate parliamentarian, an unelected referee who provides guidance on if a bill complies with the budget rules that limit what can be included in legislation passed though reconciliation.

Vrouwekerk in Leiden, Netherlands
7 hours ago | Atlas Obscura