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Dorich House Museum in London, England
Oct 13, 2021 | Atlas Obscura
Picture - Dorich House Museum in London, England

The Dorich House stands tall and unapologetically unique in the suburbia of southwest London, a monument to 1930s architecture, interior design, and art.

The name of the Grade II listed building comes from its creators: Dora Gordine, a Russian sculptor, and her English husband Richard Hare, a scholar of Russian Art and literature.

Gordine designed the house, which Hare financed as a working studio to showcase her sculptures. The building contains a plaster studio, double-height space, a studio facing north over Richmond Park, and an exhibition space with many examples of Gordine's work.

The second floor was the couple's living space, a chic 1930’s flat above a museum, complete with a moon door between dining and sitting rooms. The top of the house is home to a vertigo-inducing terrace with superb views over Richmond Park and surrounding areas.  

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