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Splatoon 3’s story pits squids against returning mammals
Sep 23, 2021 | Digital Trends
Picture - Splatoon 3’s story pits squids against returning mammals

A new lengthy trailer for Splatoon 3 shown during today’s Nintendo Direct showcase gave a solid hint towards what players can expect from the game’s strange story. While it’s been hinted that Splatoon takes place in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, the third entry in the franchise will see the Inklings deal with the return of mammals to the world.

The game itself takes place in Splatsville, a bustling metropolis populated by Inklings. It’s also where players will fight each other in the game’s main multiplayer mode, Turf War. Much like previous Splatoon games, two four-player teams compete against each other to cover as much ground as they can in their ink before a timer runs out. Whichever team has the most territory covered is the winner.

Updating the game mode, Splatoon 3 will include new ways for players to paint the world, including a Star Wars Droideka-style mech, a bow and arrow that fires paint, and a grappling hook that leaves paint wherever the user lands.

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