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3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Up 10,923% to 61,451,955% in 2021
Nov 25, 2021 | The Motley Fool
Picture - 3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Up 10,923% to 61,451,955% in 2021

If you invested in stocks during the coronavirus crash, there's a good chance you're sitting pretty right now. The benchmark S&P 500 has more than doubled since hitting its pandemic low in March 2020.

But if you instead chose to buy cryptocurrencies, "sitting pretty" would be something of an understatement. Since the March 2020 trough, the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies has grown more than 19-fold to $2.67 trillion.

Although crypto's Big Two, Bitcoin and Ethereum(CRYPTO:ETH), are responsible for a large percentage of this market-value creation, they've taken a back seat to some enormous gains from lesser-known coins this year. Since 2021 began, this trio has skyrocketed higher by 10,923% to as much as 61,451,955% (not a typo!), as of Nov. 21.

The first crypto superstar in 2021 is Solana(CRYPTO:SOL). This relatively unknown digital currency began the year at roughly $1.61 per token and has since galloped higher to around $230 per coin. That's a cool gain of 14,322% for its holders.

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