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3 hours ago | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘There was a slight mix-up between Drake and Francis Drake’
Tom, 30, teacher, meets Claire, 36, manager
8 hours ago | HuffPost
If You've Online Dated, You've Probably Been Love Bombed
This week's viral story about West Elm Caleb proves that it's all too easy to love bomb over text.
19 hours ago | The Guardian
Our three-year-old says he loves me more than his dad. What can I do? | Ask Annalisa Barbieri
Rest assured, your son is going through a phase, but his father’s distress about this is understandable, says Annalisa Barbieri
Jan 20, 2022 | The Guardian
‘We get married in spring!’ Readers’ favourite memories of office life
With hybrid working here to stay, Guardian readers look back on embarrassing moments, hilarious jokes and discreet dating
Jan 18, 2022 | The Guardian
Memories of office life: I hid under my desk, screaming down the phone at my husband
New to marriage and my job, an almighty row threatened both. But my colleagues’ stoic determination to ignore the cacophony was the silver lining
Jan 18, 2022 | The Guardian
I have a wonderful fiance, but my libido has vanished – will it ever come back?
I’m quite a sexual person and am getting married next year. But it’s been a traumatic year, and now I’m worried my partner is unfulfilled
Jan 17, 2022 | The Guardian
SSE’s prepay meter switched off my heating at Christmas
A reader says the energy firm went into their new home days before they moved in to install the equipment
Jan 17, 2022 | AskMen
Beard Pencils Give the Illusion of Thicker, Fuller Facial Hair
Growing a beard can completely transform a face, providing natural contour and an effortless ruggedness that is inarguably sexy. But for many, facial hair grows in patches and no matter how many oils, creams, and prayers one tries, a full face of stubble just isn’t genetically in the cards. Until now. Enter beard pencils: the tool to fill in the gaps. Much like the products you use for eyebrows, beard pencils can give the illusion of a fuller, more refined beard in virtually no time at all.To break down this latest trend in the men’s beauty space, we chatted with Rocky Collins, owner of CALI HNDSME, who boasts one of the most popular beard pencils on the market as part of his skincare line’s debut collection.
Jan 17, 2022 | AskMen
15 Ways for a Single Man to Enjoy V-Day Alone
Valentine’s Day has long been coined a capitalist holiday invented by Hallmark to get couples to buy cards and chocolate en masse. That’s all well and good, but V-Day has come to offer a lot of options for people who aren’t looking for sentimental cardstock or candy in a heart-shaped box — even during COVID-19.These offerings are also increasingly geared toward men who are looking for a little pampering of their own on the day notorious for seemingly punishing people who aren’t partaking in a special couples deal.RELATED:Top 7 Things to Do When You're a Single GuyStudies show that men outspend women on Valentine’s Day by an average of $12, so it makes sense to suggest some of you guys should spend a little on yourselves and treat yourselves right. If you are looking for suggestions on what to do to show yourself some love, look no further.
Jan 17, 2022 | The Guardian
‘Magikkun’: the Korean buzzword that explains why dating apps are restricting pictures with masks
Daters in Korea are growing so tired of profile pictures, where half a face is hidden, they have coined a term for it – ‘mask fraud’
Jan 17, 2022 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘None of my Indian friends had girlfriends. But I liked her too much to say no’
Emily and Cyril, both 27, met through their school choir. As Cyril’s family favoured arranged marriages, Emily didn’t think a relationship was possible. But they married in 2019
Jan 16, 2022 | The Guardian
Why was I fined £90 for charging my electric car at Lidl?
A reader asks why they were penalised even though they paid to use the charger
Jan 14, 2022 | The Guardian
Panting, moaning and ‘pussy-gazing’: the couple who podcast their ‘elevated sex’ sessions
Lacey Haynes and Flynn Talbot want to improve the world’s love life – starting by doing it live on air in every episode
Jan 14, 2022 | The Guardian
Blind date: ‘We talked so much our food went cold’
Carlos, 29, doctor, meets Tom, 32, property investor
Jan 14, 2022 | HuffPost
'Hardballing' Is The First Dating Trend We've Heard Lately That Doesn't Suck
Hardballing could make "situationships" and awkward "What are we?" conversations a thing of the past.
Jan 14, 2022 | The Guardian
I left my husband on good terms but now I feel out of control | Ask Annalisa Barbieri
You say he wants to move back in – but try to discuss with him what a marriage really is, and trust yourself with your needs and those of your children
Jan 14, 2022 | The Guardian
‘All efforts should go towards repairing the trust’: how to survive an affair
An affair needn’t signal the end of a relationship. Whether you’re the one who strayed or the one betrayed, here’s how to come through it
Jan 12, 2022 | HuffPost
Woman Stuck At Blind Date’s House After Swift COVID Lockdown In China
A woman in Zhengzhou went viral after sharing what happened when her date offered to make her dinner just before thousands were rushed into quarantine.
Jan 11, 2022 | AskMen
Everything You Need to Know About TRT
It’s commonly accepted that as you grow older, Father Time forces you to slow down and lose strength as body fat collects around your midriff, and you begin to morph into the stereotypical male who’s past his prime and has seen better days. Worse, your thinking can become cloudy and your memory may develop gaps as you begin the steady slide of cognitive decline.Adding to this misery, the aches and pains of rising inflammation start to become more common. The dynamism of your physical prime starts to fade. Eventually, old injuries take center stage as the pain begins to grow. The slow creep of time begins to overtake your body as it seems to betray you. As time marches on, you feel as if you are becoming a shell of the man you once were.
Jan 11, 2022 | The Guardian
Sex with my husband is amazing – so why doesn’t he orgasm?
He assures me that he enjoys our time together, but as we want to have children, I worry that he may have an underlying issue
Jan 10, 2022 | The Guardian
How we met: ‘She dumped me on our first date!’
Lynda, 67, and Carl, 66, met through a Facebook support group for widows in 2018. They’re now married and live in Wigan
Jan 10, 2022 | The Guardian
‘It felt like losing a husband’: the fraudsters breaking hearts – and emptying bank accounts
Romance scams robbed Britons of nearly £100m last year. Thanks to online dating and the pandemic, these cruel crimes are more sophisticated and prevalent than ever
Jan 09, 2022 | The Guardian
How can an insurance firm send my beloved BMW to scrap?
After a minor accident, the company said it was a write-off but refused to inspect the damage
Jan 08, 2022 | The Guardian
I’ve stopped seeing a married man. Was I unfair to end it? | Ask Philippa Perry
The adventurous part of you is tricking your sensible side into falling back down a hole you’ve just climbed out of
Jan 08, 2022 | The Guardian
And just like that, nobody’s having sex any more – but why? | Arwa Mahdawi
While there are a bunch of factors at play, from social media to a decrease in alcohol use, one hypothesis can be worrying
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