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35 minutes ago | The Guardian
I was celibate for three years to avoid emotional pain, but sex wasn’t the villain | Amarantha Robinson
Initially I felt some valour in my sacrifice, but ultimately sadness settled in. I wasn’t fully living
1 hour ago | The NY Times
Most N.B.A. Players Are Vaccinated, but Skeptics Speak Out
More than 90 percent of N.B.A. players have been vaccinated against Covid-19, according to the league, and all referees and key team personnel without exemptions will be, too, by the season’s start in three weeks. But a few high-profile players, including the Nets star guard Kyrie Irving, have expressed skepticism about vaccines or been evasive about their vaccination status.Because the Nets are projected to be a top championship contender, and the team is one of just three whose players must be vaccinated to play in their home arenas, Irving’s vaccination status could be as much of a factor in the N.B.A. rankings as his team’s play.“I would like to keep all that private,” Irving told reporters on Monday in response to a question about whether he expected to play home games this season. “Please just respect my privacy. All the questions leading into what’s happening, just please. Everything will be released at a due date once we get this cleared up.”
2 hours ago | FOX News
Confusion continues over vaccine booster shot messaging
White House correspondent Peter Doocy has the latest as Biden receives his third vaccine shot.
2 hours ago | FOX News
Kudlow tears down Biden spending plan: 'Save America, kill the bill'
FOX Business host and former National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow explains how the administration's trillion-dollar spending bill would reshape America.
2 hours ago | FOX News
Dems duel over passing the $1.2T infrastructure bill
Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has the latest on the Democrats' budget fight on ‘Your World’
2 hours ago | The NY Times
New York City can proceed with vaccine mandate for educators and staff, judges ruled.
New York City’s vaccine mandate for nearly all adults working in its public schools can proceed as scheduled, a federal appeals panel ruled on Monday, reversing a decision made over the weekend that paused enforcement of the mandate until later this week at the earliest.Mayor Bill de Blasio had originally ordered well over 150,000 educators and staff in the nation’s largest school system to receive at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by tonight at midnight. That deadline was put on hold late Friday by a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The three-judge panel was scheduled to take up the issue on Wednesday, but it appears to have ruled early.It’s not yet clear if the city will decide to implement the mandate tonight at midnight as originally scheduled or wait until later in the week.
3 hours ago | FOX News
The border crisis is a mess and the Democrats know it: Joey Jones
‘The Five’ discuss the Biden administration’s response to the worsening border crisis.
3 hours ago | mindbodygreen
How Sound Baths Are Revolutionizing Healing + How To Try One For Yourself
Perhaps you've tried yoga, meditation, or even breathwork—but have you ever heard of sound bathing? This immersive experience offers more than just relaxation—and anyone can have a sound bath right in their own home. Here's what to know about the increasingly popular practice. What is a sound bath? Sound bathing (also sometimes called "sound meditation" or "sound therapy") is the practice of mindfully listening to different sounds that help relax the body and mind.As sound therapist and meditation teacher, Sara Auster explains to mbg, sound baths provide an immersive, full-body listening experience "that can bring balance, relaxation, and a sense of calm to your whole being."Unlike certain meditations or breathwork practices, sound baths don't involve much guidance. Instead, they call on the audience to be present and listen. You can either attend an in-person sound bath (usually in a group setting) or listen to audio at home.
3 hours ago | FOX News
'The Five' investigates the root cause of Kamala Harris' 'unlikeability'
Dan Bongino, Jessica Tarlov, Dana Perino, Joey Jones and Katie Pavlich discuss the vice president's approval ratings on 'The Five'
3 hours ago | The Phoblographer
Vanessa Charlot’s Inspiring Journey into Professional Photography
On this week’s episode of Inside The Photographer’s Mind, documentary photographer Vanessa Charlot joins us on the show. Born and based in Miami, Vanessa Charlot has been commissioned by prominent publications such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vogue. Her work primarily focuses on marginalized groups, as she helps to give a voice to those that society often silences. It’s a terrific hour of conversation, and below is an overview of what you can expect.Listen to our interview with Vanessa Charlot right here.And check out Vanessa’s website right here.We originally had to reschedule the interview as Charlot had to photograph the current protests in Miami, understandably. She kindly still found time in her busy schedule to sit and speak with us, which made us grateful. The protests are in support of Haitian migrants who are currently trying to seek asylum. Charlot explains the current struggles faced by the people in Haiti and what it’s like photographing protests.
3 hours ago | FOX News
Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna says they are open to negotiations over spending bill
California Democrat weighs in on the spending bill on 'Your World'
3 hours ago | HuffPost
What Happens If You Mix COVID Vaccine Doses?
Can you get a Pfizer or Moderna booster if you initially got the other one? What about Johnson & Johnson? Here's what we know now.
3 hours ago | FOX News
Rep. Ro Khanna speaks about negotiations over spending bill
California Democrat weighs in on Biden's spending plan on 'Your World.'
3 hours ago | FOX News
Texas sheriff rips the Biden administration for Border Patrol’s ‘inundated’ resources
Jackson County Sheriff AJ Louderback says the administration wants open borders as thousands of migrants are released into the country.
3 hours ago | PetaPixel
HP ZBook Studio G8 Review: Rock Solid Performance, Painful Price Tag
HP’s ZBook lineup — which encompasses the lightweight ZBook Firefly, the affordable ZBook Power, the powerful ZBook Fury, and the best-of-all-worlds ZBook Studio brands — doesn’t attract a lot of attention. As a mobile workstation-class device, the ZBook Studio is not as flashy as most gaming laptops or as affordable as most “creator” laptops, but in many ways, it’s better than both.In the parlance of the tech nerd, the HP ZBook Studio G8 is a “mobile workstation.” On the hardware side, that typically means that you’re getting a Xeon processor, error-correcting (ECC) RAM, and an A-series or Quadro graphics card, paired with some sort of reliability testing (MIL-SPEC or MIL-STD), software certifications from major developers like Adobe, and an extended warranty. All of this usually comes attached to a price so high you’ll get altitude sickness if you stare at it for too long.
4 hours ago | mindbodygreen
A Gardener's Guide To Pampas: The Fun, Fluffy Grass You're Seeing Everywhere
Whimsical pampas grass can give any home, wedding, or event space a certain je ne sais quoi. Here's everything you need to know about growing the dreamy grass in your backyard (in an eco-friendly way) and/or decorating with oh-so-trendy dried pampas. Where to grow pampas grass. Pampas grass, Cortaderia Selloana, is a fluffy perennial grass native to the warm climates of South America. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and has an uncanny ability to thrive in the heat."As a gardener, my only concern lies in knowing that they're an invasive species in some areas," master gardener and wild forager, Brianne Dela Cruz tells mbg of pampas grass.Since the grass' signature fluffy plumes grow so quickly and densely, you need to pay attention to them to ensure they don't get out of control."My hope is that the fascination of pampas grass isn't having a negative impact on the environment by encouraging this plant to be grown in inappropriate landscapes," Dela Cruz adds. Some places that consider pampas invasive include California, Washington state, Hawaii, Texas, Australia, and New Zealand.
4 hours ago | PetaPixel
iPhone 14 Will Reportedly Be a ‘Complete Redesign’
The iPhone 13 series phone just barely reached store shelves, but new reports allege that the iPhone 14 coming next year will be a “complete redesign” and that buyers can expect a total “overhaul.”Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who has a rather sterling record when it comes to leaks and rumors regarding Apple wrote in his Power On newsletter that while the iPhone 13 may not be a worthwhile upgrade for those who have iPhone 12 series phones, Apple will get more “dramatic” with the next model. Citing mounting competition from Google and Samsung which are now releasing top-tier smartphones and pushing technological boundaries, Apple has to respond and plans to next year. Gurman even says that since Samsung is going so hard into foldables that Apple plans to release its own in a few years.
4 hours ago | FOX News
Cori Bush throws a wrench into Biden's agenda
Democratic strategist and attorney Ethan Bearman went on 'The Story' to discuss Cori Bush throwing a wrench into Biden's agenda. He said Pelosi would be successful at driving home the votes regardless of roadblocks.
4 hours ago | The NY Times
New York Readies to Enforce Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers
Gov. Kathy C. Hochul said New York would work with hospitals to address potential staffing shortages as a mandate requiring health care workers to have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine goes into effect.
4 hours ago | The NY Times
What to Know About Booster Shots
Government scientists have recommended a third dose of Covid-19 vaccine for a select group.
4 hours ago | The NY Times
A top F.D.A. official moved on Monday to take over the agency’s vaccines office.
Dr. Peter Marks, one of the Food and Drug Administration’s highest-ranking regulators, on Monday took over the agency’s vaccines office, whose two leaders had publicly questioned whether the general population needed coronavirus booster shots.Dr. Marks said in an email to staff that the move, which makes him acting director of the office, would allow the two — Dr. Marion Gruber, the director of the vaccines office, and Dr. Philip Krause, her deputy — to “take care of close-out activities prior to departing and help to assure a smooth transition.”Dr. Gruber recently announced plans to retire at the end of October, and Dr. Krause in November.Both have evaluated vaccines for decades at the agency’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review, and were said to have been upset at the Biden administration’s announcement last month that booster shots would be available to most adults by the week of Sept. 20, contingent on F.D.A. clearance.
4 hours ago | PetaPixel
Vivo Designs Detachable, Double-Sided Pop-Up Smartphone Camera
Vivo has designed a detachable pop-up camera system that consists of three total cameras and two flashes and runs on its own built-in battery.Detachable smartphone cameras are not a new concept, at least in the design phase. For example, Vivo itself explored the idea of a small detachable phone camera with its own touch-display earlier this month, which was built upon a 2020 prototype that showed a smartphone design with a detachable front camera.This time, Vivo designed a double-sided pop-up camera that may be the most advanced and practical design yet. The patent — as found and illustrated by LetsGoDigital — shows a Vivo smartphone with a full-screen design and a pop-up camera situated in the top right corner.
4 hours ago | FOX News
Lawyers say Murdaugh housekeeper’s heirs never received money after reportedly falling, dying in family home
Estate attorneys for the Murdaugh Family's housekeeper, Gloria Satterifield, Eric Bland and Ronny Richter discuss the investigation into her death and its aftermath on ‘The Story’Estate attorneys for the Murdaugh Family's housekeeper, Gloria Satterifield, Eric Bland and Ronny Richter discuss the investigation into her death and its aftermath on ‘The Story’
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