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Has the "settle-for-less" financial plan become your plan for wealth? That plan sounds a little something like this:

"Graduate from college, get a good job, save 10% of your paycheck, buy a used car, cancel the movie channels, quit drinking expensive Starbucks mocha lattes, save and penny-pinch your life away, trust your life-savings to the stock market, and one day, when you are oh, say, 65 years old, you can retire rich."

Since you were old enough to hold a job, you've been hoodwinked to believe that wealth can be created by blindly trusting in the uncontrollable and unpredictable markets: the housing market, the stock market, and the job market. I call this soul-sucking, dream-stealing dogma "The Slowlane" - an impotent financial gamble that dubiously promises wealth in a wheelchair.

Accept the Slowlane as your financial roadmap and your financial future will blow carelessly asunder on a sailboat of hope: hope you can get a job and keep it, hope the stock market doesn't tank, hope the economy rebounds, hope, hope, and hope. Do you really want hope to be the centerpiece of your family's financial plan?

Drive the Slowlane road and you will find your life deteriorate into a miserable exhibition about what you cannot do, versus what you can. For those who don't want a lifetime subscription to "settle-for-less", there is an alternative; an expressway to extraordinary wealth capable of burning a trail to financial independence faster than any road out there. And shockingly, this road has nothing to do with jobs, 401(k), mutual funds, or a lifestyle of mediocrity.

Demand more. Change lanes and find your explosive wealth accelerator. Hit the Fastlane, crack the code to wealth, and find out how to live rich for a lifetime.

About the Author

MJ DeMarco is a semi-retired entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and international best-selling author who's books have been translated in over 15 languages worldwide. He is the current founder of Viperion Publishing Corp., a media company focused on online and print content distribution. He also is admin/founder for The Fastlane Forum, the web's leading destination forum for start-up, finance, and entrepreneurial business discussions.

About the Reviews

I read the best, and the worst, reviews before buying this book. They are both right. This book will not divvy out the details on how to be successful. The magic formula is not spelled out and handed to you. Sorry. However, it will erase the errors of your thinking and open your eyes so that you can see the path to success clearly. That information is straight forward, and more often than not, a punch to the gut. This book has the advice I have always yearned for, from the successful best friend that I never had. It's not a comforting massage telling me how easy things can be, or what great qualities I have - it is the unvarnished truth. I am picky. I choose my books carefully. Most of the time I skim them and sift out the few nuggets of wisdom I find. Sometimes I don't finish them at all. Sometimes, but rarely, I absorb them from cover to cover. And very very rarely, sometimes I hold them close to me and reread them many times to fully understand all that they have to offer. This is that rare book. This book is perhaps the best of the best that I've ever read, and I have read a lot. Yes, it's that good. If you want your eyes opened, and to be trained by a ninja of success, then you need this book. No matter how much you think you know already, it will change the direction of your life and how you think. How many books, or anything else, can claim that? My only regret is that I wish I would have had this book twenty years earlier.


Everyone who works works for financial compensation. Some people like their jobs more than others, but at the end of the day a job is a job.

Millionaire Fastlane does a great job of explaining the futility of the 9-5 if you're serious about financial independence. This book isn't about clipping coupons, getting put of debt, or 4 hour work weeks. This book is a no-bull explanation about what it takes to set yourself free.

If you've ever thought about running a business, but didn't know where to start this book is for you. I wish I had a parent, a teacher, a priest, or a coach explain what DeMarco says inside of this book, but I happened across it by pure blind luck, and I'm glad I did.

If you're reading this review you are financially minded. Buy this book, you won't regret it.


Unbelievably good. I've spent over a decade reading and studying tons of material, all of which don't amount to the dense, accurate, straightforward truths of this book (and then some). MJ puts together all the pieces in one simple solution, while clarifying all other variables that always leave you wondering how the heck they're associated. I've been turning my wheels in all lanes, simultaneously testing separate variables, without realizing that the fastlane is just one step away by engaging them to work together. And I am so very thankful for this read, it has given me clarity and an easy course of action. MJ you're a saint!

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Paperback: 322 pages
Publisher: Viperion Publishing Corp; 1st edition (January 4, 2011)
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,500 customer reviews

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