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In Principles, Dalio shares what he's learned over the course of his remarkable career. He argues that life, management, economics, and investing can all be systemized into rules and understood like machines. The book's hundreds of practical lessons, which are built around his cornerstones of "radical truth" and "radical transparency", include Dalio laying out the most effective ways for individuals and organizations to make decisions, approach challenges, and build strong teams. He also describes the innovative tools the firm uses to bring an idea meritocracy to life, such as creating "baseball cards" for all employees that distill their strengths and weaknesses and employing computerized decision-making systems to make believability-weighted decisions. While the book brims with novel ideas for organizations and institutions, Principles also offers a clear, straightforward approach to decision making that Dalio believes anyone can apply, no matter what they're seeking to achieve.

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Ray Dalio is the founder and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, which, over the last forty years, has become the largest and best performing hedge fund in the world. Dalio has appeared on the Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world as well as the Bloomberg Markets list of the 50 most influential people. He lives with his family in Connecticut.

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This is a super book. The Bible and Roger Penrose's book (Road to Reality) are better, but this is spectacular. It's extremely usefully structured, very well thought out, and extremely insightful. If a person were to read it like any other book, it would be vastly entertaining and wonderfully satisfying (well, not to a fiction reader). Reading it casually would entirely miss the point. Life is both an art and a science. We must each add our own bit of genius to make the art of life. Principles represent the portion of life that has been brought into the realm of fuller understanding, of a sort of science or near science. Not all of Mr. Dalio's principles will be for every person, but most of them really do have very broad application and are valuable. Reading it, I can see that my success isn't limited by ego. I really have been sidestepping that trap. It has been limited a great deal by my own blind spots, particularly by a tendency to "go it alone." This is a great and insightful book. It is a waste to read it. It is a book to be "worked out" by putting the right parts of it into practice. So few books allow a person to make a better life. This one can, but not magically or without work. It shows the work we need to do to get closer to what we want in the world around us.


What an amazing book! I have read literally thousands of books and if I had one book to recommend to someone for living a better life and achieving success it would be this one!

The book starts with a seemingly simple question, What do you want? and proceeds to provide a global framework for getting what you want and then working with others to achieve greater objectives as well.

My takeaway is that finding the truth, being open, and persistence are the qualities needed to achieve any goal or solve any problem. Many people 'think' they are finding the truth and being open but they are not, and companies are rampant with self-delusion in these areas. If all companies would adopt these Principles, the world would be a better place.

Principles describes in great detail how you achieve any objective from the individual small goal to the organization huge goal with a clear framework. Along the way, there are hundreds of tips and thought-gems that you will find useful.

It's been a long time since a book was published with such enduring principles and quality. You can tell this is Mr. Dalio's life work and not like so many other books in this genre where someone set out to write a book and show they were an expert or make some cash (indeed, Mr. Dalio doesn't need any more;).

I expect that this book will become one of those rare books that are still read and recommended 100 years from now as the Principles are timeless, clear, and potentially life-changing. For me, this is THE book I will write an inscription on and give to my son when he becomes an adult.

Do keep in mind though that reading the book alone won't change your life, you must take action on what you learn!


For those of you who do not know, Dalio previously published his "Principles" as a ~100 page article online for free, however removed it to begin selling this book. After reading both, I think this book provides an excellent extension to the original however at the cost of nearly 5x the reading time required. If you are not an avid follower of Dalio and Bridgewater, I would recommend finding a PDF of his earlier version online and if that does not suffice then consider purchasing this. Also, if you watch his frequent talks (can be found on YouTube), you will already know a lot about his personal history and the history of Bridgewater as covered in the beginning of this book. That said, Dalio is a legend in the HF world and I found it well worth the extra $18 to learn a little more from one of the smartest men alive.

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Hardcover: 592 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (September 19, 2017)
Language: English
Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 830 customer reviews

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