There are plenty of good business ideas floating around, and not all of them are unique. In fact, new companies successfully go to market in saturated industries all the time, and most aren’t especially disruptive.

Some just take advantage of a humongous market. Entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space, for instance, know that people will always be hungry and thirsty. Most consumers have countless options to choose from when they want to meet these basic needs, but if a new product stands out -- whether because of superior taste, branding or nutrition -- they’ll often reach for it.

Or take the multibillion-dollar market for razors. Entrenched players with colossal advertising budgets had dominated the space for years before Dollar Shave Club came along. And founders Michael Dubin and Mark Levine didn’t need to invent a revolutionary new product to grab market share and attract venture capital. Instead, they took a slightly different (and arguably more modern) approach to delivering their products to the market -- via monthly subscription -- and rode the momentum from a viral marketing video to a billion-dollar exit not even five years later.