At the highest levels of power in the finance and tech industries, there is one gold standard, one unifying symbol that binds together all self-styled masters of the universe, all the titans of industry: the Patagonia Nano Puff vest with an embroidered corporate logo, also know as the Power Vest.

This look will now vanish to distant memory, like Gordon Gecko’s pinstriped suits and Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck (which disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes fully ruined) due to a policy change at Patagonia that will — effectively — exclude certain clients.

The company is getting selective, and told BuzzFeed News it has changed its policies for corporate sales clients: it will focus on selling to do-gooder B-Corporations, i.e. companies with a charity element or that have committed to supporting causes like “community” or “the environment.” All those evil hedge funds and “Uber-for-X” tech startups can go pound sand.