We’re always looking for the next big thing: a phone that folds, a scooter that just magically appears on every block, or a house that can be 3D-printed. These developments make for great social media fodder, and they ensure brands get their share of “likes.”

But under the surface, there’s an enterprise revolution occurring. How companies, big and small, respond will dictate how well they succeed in the 2020's. And if you’re not already thinking about that decade, you should be.

A decade ago, an impressive product release could keep a company afloat for years. BlackBerry, for instance, released smartphones that were deemed so indispensable that the brand was able to succeed, despite a crippling recession. By 2017, however, the company’s share of the smartphone market was officially 0 percent. People and companies abandoned BlackBerry’s operating system in lieu of newer operating systems that provided a better experience.