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Today, regardless of the size or growth stage of your business, odds are you’ll want to outsource some functions. Outsourcing is often a critical part of scaling and growing a new business or product, but it’s an area where many people fall down. Like all aspects of business, there’s a learning curve.

How can you avoid some of the common pitfalls in outsourcing?

Take a disciplined approach.Too many entrepreneurs abandon everything they’ve learned about hiring or dealing with con­sultants. It doesn’t matter if you use an overseas developer or someone right across the street. Perhaps because the outsiders won’t be full-time employees, or because they’ll be on a short­er-term contract, entrepreneurs are less careful about whom they hire. Or maybe they do a poor job of communicating what’s really needed, resulting in a big disconnect between what’s expected and what’s delivered. There can also be language and/or culture barriers that need to be addressed.