As a working mother or father, it’s one of the questions you dread most. And it comes every day, right around 3:00 PM: “So, umm…..what are we doing about dinner?”

Whether the question comes in a text from your partner or whether it pops into your head during the marketing meeting, you reflexively cringe, because dinnertime is one of the danger zones of working parenthood, where the strains of your dual role feel the most acute.

Why? Because what presents as a straightforward, practical problem — meal prep — is actually a psychological, emotional, and even physical one, too, and it hits working parents when we’re the most vulnerable. Exhausted at the end of a long workday and overwhelmed by everything else we have to do, it’s easy to turn to restaurant meals and convenience-food options — which, let’s face it, won’t do your health any favors.