One Monday morning in June 2012, Trina Spear booked a transnational flight with four days’ notice and no regrets.

Hours earlier, she’d spoken to Heather Hasson for the first time over the phone about Hasson’s business idea, born from her quest to help a friend find more flattering work clothes.

Companies like Lululemon, Under Armour and Nike were focused on athletes, argued Hasson, but no one was catering to medical professionals. That’s why Hasson created FIGS, a direct-to-consumer line of fitted, flattering and comfortable scrubs.

A mutual friend had tipped off Spear, who worked on Wall Street at the time, about Hasson’s vision for FIGS. The Los Angeles-based company was still in its early stages, and Spear wanted to have a hand in its growth. After coordinating on Spear’s flight to Los Angeles, the two women played tennis (Hasson was impressed that Spear won), discussed what Hasson had created and made a game plan.