Many people have reached the age where they will begin to seriously think about marriage. They will soon realize the differences between a lover and a legitimate marriage partner; some conditions are fine for when you are dating, but in the context of marriage, are suddenly not okay. The following three conditions in particular really intensify marriage hesitations for people.

Financial independence

In modern times, there are plenty of great job opportunities for both men and women. It is best for both people in the relationship to have the ability to support themselves before considering marriage. If you are still financially dependent, you will increase certain pressures on your partner leading up to and during your marriage.

Are your values ​​similar?

What items count as “expensive”? What kind of house do you plan on living in? What will your dynamic be like during marriage? When you step into marriage, you will encounter many of each other’s values. If you do not share the same values, you will find it difficult to cooperate with your significant other. Your values ​​may not be made apparent when you first get to know each other, but when facing conflict ​​during marriage, the true compatibility of your respective values will become clear.

Family in relation to married life

If the income of your significant other is similar to yours but the economic situation of their family directly depends upon their contributions, it will affect the quality of your married life. Your counterpart will definitely feel the same frustration and suffering as you. When in frustrating situations, both people will take the brunt of it.

Have you considered these three factors in your relationship? Maybe it’s time to carefully weigh the facts. As long as you and your partner have discussed these points, you will be more prepared for what married life brings to you.

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