People usually ask me, "I can see that my boyfriend is on Facebook, but he doesn't want to talk to me. Do I need to initiate the conversation? Is he talking to other girls?”

One day, a guy friend asked me, "Why are girls so clingy? I work all day and I am tired after coming home, but she still demands my attention.”

I reply, "Do you call or text your girlfriend often?"

He told me, "I call her when I get up in the morning, and before bed, but I can't talk for too long because I either need to go to work, or wake up early in the morning."

I replied, "I understand that you have your own priorities, but the lack of attention you are giving your girlfriend is making her feel insecure because she doesn’t know what is happening in your life.”

He said, "Even when I am extremely busy, I still have to be patient and talk to her? I’m always exhausted nowadays. Can't she just wait until my work life calms down for a bit? Whenever I have free time, I always spend it with her. Isn’t that enough?"

I replied "You don't need to do this if she trusts you enough, but the problem lies in miscommunication; she doesn’t know how busy you really are and how much you love her."

He paused for a moment and said, "I need to talk to her again."

From this conversation, we can see that usually guys are not trying to ignore you. Sometimes they are just busy and forget that we are waiting for them to call or text. Maybe he is busy; maybe he over-slept. Making the first move to call or text him will not come off as desperate. Instead of worrying or letting your insecurities consume you, why not call or text him to see what he is up to? 

Some guys have their own pace of their life. They didn’t forget about you; spending some time alone is good for a long-term relationship. Everyone deserves some alone time after all.

So girls, don't panic, your men do care about you. You shouldn’t put them at the absolute center of your life. Doing something that you enjoy during the day is way more attractive than calling them all the time. Your relationship is not your whole world; finding something you like to do while he is busy will relieve any pressure between you and him. A healthy relationship is sustained when you both are capable of enjoying life separately.