As the weather gets hotter and hotter, people are wearing less and less. This isn’t a bad thing but it does bring up a couple concerns. The biggest style worries for girls are: How do I style my outfits so that I feel comfortable yet still sexy? How do I successfully wear the “exposed underwear” look? What kind of summer style should I showcase? Being fashionable and comfortable during these sweltering summer days is very important and can help you feel more confident in your day-to-day life. According to the accounts and style advice from some of Instagram’s most popular influencers, bralettes are your best chance for achieving this goal. Pairing perfectly with anything ranging from t-shirts to power suits; bralettes can elevate a basic look and dress down a formal one. Take a look at how to take advantage of this gorgeous style tip.

White bralette + button down white shirt

A crisp white shirt must be accompanied with white or lightly colored bralettes to avoid the uncomfortable contrast of dark lingerie showing from underneath the white shirt. Try pairing lace bralettes with a partially unbuttoned shirt so you can show off the romanticism of the lace in tandem with the masculinity of the crisp button down.


The amazing @genelleseldon perfectly styling her Orient underwire. #katthelabel

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Lace bralettes + colored shirt

Gauzy, translucent shirts are very popular in the summer. Compared to ordinary underwear, bralettes are a much better choice for pairing. It's sexy and fashionable, while still preserving an air of classiness. It recommended to wear a lace bralette that matches your skin color or to choose a color that matches with your shirt in order to keep your outfit clean and consistent.


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Lace Bralette + tie knot shirt

Whether you are vacationing in Cabo or hanging at your local pool, unbuttoning your shirt and tying a knot at the bottom can be the perfect way to show off a sexy bralette and welcome the warm summer sun.

Lace Bralette + tanktop

Wearing a tank top with a lace bralette is a very trendy combination; it’s perfect for barbeques and intimate summer hangouts. You can even replace your lace bralette with a bikini to chill poolside.

Lace bralette + thin strap dress

The biggest problem of wearing a thin-strapped V-neck dress is the potential of an awkward fashion faux pas. Exposing too much skin can lead to nip-slips and other undesirable situations, but a triangular lace bralette is the perfect solution to this. 


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Bralette + power suit

The ultra-cool contrast of a formal suit with a lace bralette can immediately upgrade your style cred.


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Lace bralette + deep V dress shirt

The combination of an unbuttoned, patterned shirt with a neutral bralette boldly reveals your unapologetic summer style.


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Lace bralette + Backless top

When wearing a halter top, one always wonders what kind of bra to wear with it. The best choice is to wear comfortable lace underwear that can be exposed. This style not only shows of your back, but also keeps you safe from potential nip slips.


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