Wonderland manifests in reality as the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, going by the affectionate nickname, "Night-club Island". Perpetually sun-kissed, with crystal-clear blue waters, night music, and parties, Night-club Island is like a carefree utopia. Recently opened, the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel is famous for its avant-garde pink appearance. The interior is similarly decorated with golden palms, lake green geometry, and simple furnishings, complemented by contrasting yellow light bulbs and neon strips. Come bask in the retro glow of a place that embodies the perfect uniqueness of the “Budapest Hotel".


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In addition to the gorgeous hotel aesthetic, the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel also has an "open-air pink champagne pool" that creates the perfect backdrop for cannonballs, sunbathing, and enjoying a light cocktail. Have fun in this paradise-level dreamland.

When you first walk into the lobby, the magical atmosphere of the hotel is made clear by the flower-shaped sofa in the center of the hall.

Zero Suite Residencies, which are fully transparent rooms, are offered one weekend per month for free. The price is, of course, your privacy. However, it is a great opportunity to expose yourself to the intriguing world of performance art for those who dare to try.



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Can't wait to stay at the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel? Hurry and tell your pink-crazed friends, and walk into heaven-on-earth today!

Hotel info: https://paradisoibiza.com/