Wait for the one with whom you have a natural, authentic connection. The one with whom you would never have to second guess yourself and pretend to be someone you’re not.

Wait for the one who gives you their full undivided attention. The one who listens. The one who makes the world stand still when you are together. The one who sees only you in a room full of distractions.

Wait for the one who is consistent. The one who loves you with their whole being and never contradicts their words with their actions.

Wait for the one who feels like home to you. The one who feels like a childhood friend even though you may not have known them for long. The one who makes you feel secure and instills trust in your relationship.

Wait for the one who is willing to talk through conflicts because they believe in you and your relationship. Although you angrily tell them to leave, they always refuse, no matter how bad the fight is. Wait for the one who never gives up on you.

Instead of leaving you because of your fears and anxieties, they try everything they can to help you overcome them. Wait for the one who understands and accepts the darkest corners of your mind but also knows how to bring you out of dark times.

Wait for the one who not only accepts your flaws but loves you because of them. The one who never, ever asks you to change but still inspires you to become a better person. The one who understands that relationships are hard and messy but is still willing to do the hard work with you.

Wait for the one who reminds you over and over how irreplaceable true love is. The one who loves you so much that they are willing to do anything for you. The one who is aware of your worth and would never do anything to disrespect or hurt you. Wait for the one for who you are willing to do the same.

Wait for the one that proves that they were worth waiting for.