Accepting what can't be changed is an important skill. Therefore, it is better to stay away from people who do not believe in you. This is God's arrangement; you are only responsible for being brilliant and amazing. This will not change based the perception of others. You, no one else, can define your value. When adding someone who recognizes your value into your life, your frequencies will resonate and you both will have great chemistry.

Sometimes, if you do it, you will not be recognized still; It’s not because you prove it, others will believe it. The biggest obstacle in the way of efficient communication is difference in life experience. Often times when dealing with someone with limited life experience, even if you explain a concept thoroughly, they will never truly be able to understand.

An ancient Chinese fable demonstrates this claim perfectly:

One day, Zigong cleaned the yard at the gate. Someone visited and asked Zigong, "Are you a student of Confucius?"

Zigong answered, "Yes."

"I would like to ask you a question, can I?"

"Please speak."

"How many seasons are there in a year?"

"Four seasons." Zigong laughed.

"No, only three seasons a year!"

"Four seasons!"

"Three seasons!"

"Four seasons!"

"Three seasons!" The visitor did not show weakness.

The two argued louder and louder. Eventually, Confucius heard the quarrel. He walked over and Zigong asked Confucius to assess. Confucius did not answer at first. After observing for a while, he said:

"There really are only three seasons a year."

The visitor left with a smile.

After the visitor left, Zigong hastily asked Confucius,

“How many seasons are there in a year?”

Confucius replied, “Four seasons.”

Zigong was confused, “Then why did you just say it was three seasons?”

Confucius explained, “A green man with a green face, he is clearly a cricket in the field. See, he is born in the spring, and he will die in the autumn. He has only experienced spring, summer, and autumn, so in his thinking, there is no concept of ‘winter’. When you argue with such people, there will be no results for three days and three nights."

A person’s experience determines their ability to comprehend concepts. Some things can never be believed without having been experienced. If we tell a dog that it would grow be 100 to 120 years of age they would not be able to comprehend it because they can only live for 20 years. We cannot discuss how large the sea is with the frogs at the bottom of wells, because they have not seen the vast ocean. We cannot discuss how cold the ice is with summer insects, because they have not and will never experience the freezing winter. As such, we cannot properly communicate with people who have limited worldviews.

This is reflective of everyday life. It can be said that everyone is an absolute frog, because everyone's knowledge is limited in comparison to someone else; every person is also a summer insect, because everyone’s experiences are limited in comparison to someone else. In the past, I would get very angry when dealing with unreasonable people, but I no longer do so now. Now, when I feel angry because of other people's ignorance, I tell myself that they have a limited worldview and I let it go. Since it is impossible to change their abundance of experiences, it is better to let it go to preserve the peace.

Accepting what can't be changed is a special kind of ability. Therefore, it is enough to leave people who do not believe in you. As stated before, this is God's own arrangement; you are only responsible for brilliant. Your success or potential is not based on whether they believe in you or not.