Audrey Hepburn looking for love in Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a part of our collective imagination. It’s pure fantasy — that’s the point. But 60 years later, most of us crave reality. Tiffany & Co. recognizes this, so artistic officer Reed Krakoff made a concerted effort to bring the jewelry brand’s luxurious image a bit more down to earth.

During New York Fashion Week this season, Tiffany invited the young photographer Renell Medrano to collaborate on a series of portraits featuring diverse couples around New York City wearing the new Tiffany T True collection: a new line of rings and bracelets for those looking to show some commitment.

“I wanted to show a unique and different side of love,” Medrano explained. “A realness and vulnerability that is unfiltered.” The results are soft and deeply intimate. Somehow, expensive jewelry looks totally natural in this context, especially engagement rings.