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Get That Money is an exploration of the many ways we think about our finances — what we earn, what we have, and what we want.

Real-estate mogul Barbara Corcoran earned her first dollar by selling rocks in her yard as a kid. At age 6, Beyoncé was sweeping up hair and performing songs at her mom’s salon. For plenty of successful women, business instincts started when they were young. Even if you weren’t raking in cash by second grade, it’s never too late to learn from those who did. Here, seven successful entrepreneurs share their earliest hustles, and lessons they learned on the job.

“I used to play a game with my little brother called ‘Let’s trade money.’ I would give him all my coins for all his paper money. We did it for a long time before he finally caught on. My first real job ended up being a credit derivatives trader, and my brother is an investor now — I like to think I gave him an early start.” —Victoria Tsai, founder of Tatcha skin care