To all the queer kids who grew up emphatically mouthing every staccato syllable of the Pussycat Dolls' seminal classic, "Don't Cha" into the bathroom mirror who later went to graduate art school with a heavy appreciation for Marina Abramovic and the work of Jacques Lacan; this one's for you.

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In a cover that certainly nobody asked for but are glad we got anyways, the Ezra Miller-fronted band, Sons of an Illustrious Father, have now shared their own queer spin on the 2005 hit and it is just as delightfully bizarre as you might expect. Slowing it down from its original poppy clip to a lethargic funeral dirge, the indie trio warps, distorts, and deforms the bop to grotesque proportions like it was looking at itself in a funhouse mirror. Descending synth scales and harmonies that wail like a chorus of tortured souls, only add to the dark carnival aura that permeates the track.