(CNN)Police in Canada are searching for a 22-year-old Chinese international student after he was apparently kidnapped on Saturday night in the Ontario city of Markham.

Lu Wanzhen and a female friend were exiting his car inside an underground parking lot around 6 p.m. when four masked men rushed him and grabbed him, police said. One of the men was carrying a taser, and when Lu attempted to resist, the man shocked him with it. Lu's friend was unharmed.

Surveillance footage released by police showed men wearing bulky black jackets with their faces covered grabbing Lu and bundling him into a black minivan with stolen plates, later found abandoned in nearby Toronto.

"We're very concerned for the safety of (Lu)," a York Police spokesman said Monday. "This incident involved a significant level of violence ... he was taken against his will, he was shocked and forced into that van."


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