(OMAHA, Neb.) — Floodwaters are receding across most of the hard-hit Midwest, but there could be new problems if the forecast for significant rain later this week holds up. Already the flooding along the Missouri River and its tributaries has caused at least $3 billion damage and forced thousands from their homes as floodwaters penetrated or flowed over several hundred miles of levees.

The flooding is blamed in three confirmed deaths, and two Nebraska men have been missing for more than a week.

The flooding has taken a heavy toll on agriculture in the region, inundating tens of thousands of acres, threatening stockpiled grain and killing livestock. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri, and some have yet to return to assess the damage. Residents of Kansas City, Missouri, are being asked to conserve water while KC Water treats murky water caused by filtration issues. Flooding has closed about 140 roads in Missouri, even as water levels begin falling along much of the Missouri River.