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The most compelling and incisive conceptual art piece of the 21st century met its symbolic end on Monday in the Instagram story of an NBA hanger-on named Dmo. Properly known as Darren Moore, Dmo has 271,000 followers on a social-media account largely dedicated to proving he is friends with Lakers guard Lonzo Ball, the eldest son of "globally loud" sports dad LaVar Ball and majority owner of Big Baller Brand.

Big Baller Brand seemingly started as the eldest Ball's ploy to convince a major existing sneaker company to pay big money on a licensing deal, but turned into something much greater when the bigger, baller-er brands didn't bite. The Ball family unveiled Big Baller Brand's website in May of 2017, and with it their first signature sneaker: The $495 ZO2, priced as such because LaVar "liked the way it sounds."


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