Yogi Bear, the animated Hanna Barbera character, once ruled Jellystone Park where his reign of terror meant no pic-a-nik basket was safe from his greedy paws. Now, Yogi has a little competition in the real world where a honey-stealing bear is tormenting Susquehanna University.

The crime spree started when staff at the Pennsylvania university found that one of the bee hives at the Center for Earth and Environmental Research had been ransacked and “heavily licked.”

According to a university posting about the honey-coated robbery, Susquehanna is the first university in Pennsylvania to be certified as an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA program, helping to protect bees and promote a healthy environment, so this honey-stealing business is serious indeed. University staff was able to reassemble the damaged hive, but the crook came back the very next night to once again dip his undoubtedly very sticky paws back in the hive for more honey.


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