Australia got its second cyclone in one 48 hour-period as Cyclone Veronica sent violent rain and waves onto the nation’s northwestern region on Monday. But over the weekend, one man shared his own personal horror during the storm: his dwindling beer supply.

Shane Ryan began live-streaming security footage of his home on Facebook on Saturday to show the storm to concerned friends and family, and he soon realized that the real emergency was the ‘beer-mergency’ of the available beverages in his fridge.

“Live Stream of Cyclone Veronica In Baynton Karratha,” Ryan titled one of the posts, which showed a tally of alcoholic drinks remaining in addition to the stormy view outside his house in Karratha, Western Australia. After about three hours, the beer supply reached zero, and Ryan started his tally of Jameson and Ginger Ale, because apparently he’s a man of taste who drinks Whiskey Gingers.