Meghan McCain is a not one to shy away from defending herself and her fellow ladies on The View when someone tries to comment.

On Tuesday, March 26, Denise McAllister tweeted out a comment on an article about McCain and her coworkers about their show asking, ‘Can someone please explain to me the purpose of The View?’ She went on to call the women ‘delusional mental midgets ricocheting ignorance.’

After seeing this tweet McCain was swiftly replied to the comments with a now infamous tweet saying ‘you were at my wedding Denise….’ to remind her of their shared history.

McAllister tried to clarify her comments with a follow-up tweet saying she didn’t mean for the comments to be directed exclusively to McCain but ‘The View’ itself saying, ‘I don’t even know how you do it daily and my hat is off to you for standing strong in the midst of crazy.’


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