After Casey Copeland got sober, he started turning his life around. The 37-year-old Arkansas resident began volunteering at homelessness and addiction recovery organizations near Little Rock to gain experience to become a drug and alcohol counselor. And he signed up for Medicaid.

“When you get hooked on drugs like I did, you lose everything,” Copeland says. “But now that you’ve got [Medicaid] you can go take care of yourself, and if there’s something wrong with you, it can be caught earlier because you’re more willing to go to the doctor.”

But in late January, Copeland unexpectedly received a letter saying his health insurance was canceled. The reason? He had failed to properly document the hours he spent volunteering and searching for work in January. Under an Arkansas policy approved by the Trump Administration, he would be cut off from the state-and-federal health insurance program for a year.


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