There's a strange irony to a professional gambler giving the response "Las Vegas Strip," and losing thousands for it.

That's what almost happened for James Holzhauer, the 27-time "Jeopardy!" champion, pro sports gambler and Vegas resident who clinched his most recent win on Friday. He nearly lost the Final Jeopardy round. That is, before he caught himself.

Holzhauer's Final Jeopardy clue was:

"Astronomy buffs visit Idaho for the USA’s first Dark Sky Reserve. Oddly, part of it is this resort area with a bright name."

At first, Holzhauer wrote the response "Las Vegas Strip."

Perhaps he was thinking about how Nevada's Massacre Rim this year joined the list of U.S. dark sky sanctuaries. But, Holzhauer quickly realized, that couldn't be the answer host Alex Trebek was looking for. Viewers could see Holzhauer smirk as the "Jeopardy!" music played and he pondered.