The Game of Thrones ended this week and with it potentially tons of HBO Now subscriptions as well.

That was clearly the morning-after chatter on Twitter. Why continue paying now that the show is history?

To pay or not to pay and why do I have to subscribe to so many services I rarely watch are also huge questions in households that are being deluged with offers for more and more subscription services. This year alone, we'll see new ones from Apple and Disney, with others down the pike from WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal.

Jared Newman has a great solution to keep better track of our services: Sign up and then cancel the next day.

"Not everybody realizes that you don't have to sign up for a service and remind yourself 30 days later to cancel, you can cancel immediately," says Newman, who runs the Cord Cutter Weekly newsletter. You can still enjoy your programming and not have to worry about remembering to cancel. "You'll be billed for a 30-day billing cycle."