WASHINGTON – The names are in. 

The 20 Democratic presidential candidates who met the criteria for the first Democratic primary debate of the election cycle have been announced. To qualify, the candidates had to poll at 1% or more in at least three qualified polls or receive donations from at least 65,000 individual donors, with a minimum of 200 individual donors per state in at least 20 states. 

The first debate is being held in Miami on June 26 and 27, with 10 candidates on stage each day. NBC News, MSNBC and Telemundo will broadcast the two-night event. Which candidates appear on which nights will be announced Friday.

For some who make the debate stage, both in Miami and at next month's debate in Detroit, it could mark a make-or-break moment to define their candidacy in one of the largest and most diverse presidential fields ever. For those who failed to make the cut, the missed opportunity could be a devastating blow, denying them a chance to define themselves and their candidacy before a national audience. 


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