Hermès is not simply a brand. They create works of art, fascinating women all around the world. At the end of the 2019 New York Fashion Week, Hermes will open a pop-up VIP club in New York. The Hermès Carré Club, a limited scarf club held during the festival, utilizes the help of their Hermès Paris design team and many other artists to reproduce the process of creating their world-famous scarves. Along with receiving your exclusive membership card, you will also receive countless benefits at the club itself. From getting a personal portrait drawn, to singing karaoke, to enjoying silent disco, the list of amazing benefits stretches a mile long. This club exists not only for you to access a wider variety of Hermès scarves, but also to teach you how to work a Hermès scarf in the best way possible.

Hermès Carré Club

The Hermès Scarf Club provides access to a myriad of unique styles, dominated by their classic warm orange tones. Enjoy exclusive service from certain art studio spaces and coffee salons that are only open to Hermès members.

The first thing you must do to enter the Hermès Club is to register as a member. When you get approved, you will get a Hermès Carré Club exclusive membership card, as well as a guide to the many club parties. Follow the guide for guaranteed fun!

Member-specific portrait

After becoming a member of The Hermes Scarf Club, you will need to acquire a profile picture for your member file. Hermès has arranged for an illustrator to create your profile picture, but this photo cannot be taken home. Although the picture itself is just a simple outline of your face, it is the exclusive and interactive experience that makes it so awe-inspiring.

Hermes Scarf Studio

The Hermès scarf studio displays art being created on-site to show off the creativity of the Hermès design team.


Art Director of Hermès Women's World, Bali Barret, also visited the club to experience its unique environment. Looking back at her time at Hermès, Bali Barret talked about the most fascinating aspects of the scarves, "Designing scarves is like being in a free space. Creation, in that small square, you can express anything. And I like to find different artists to cooperate. I think it is beautiful and unique to use hand-made creation in the age of digital technology."

As for her favorite way to wear the silk scarf, Bali Barret shared that she likes to tie the scarf as a belt! In addition, she even keeps scarves as decorations in her personal office.

We also met Virginie Jamin, who worked in silk scarf design at Hermès for 14 years. Virginie shared with us her two favorite Hermes scarves, Les Cannes and Della Cavalleria. She laughed that there was no special reason for these preferences, she is just naturally drawn to those designs.

As for how long it takes to draw each design, Virginie Jamin describes it as quite variable; it all depends on the current situation, her level of concentration, and even the temperature of the room! This manual form of design, especially in today’s fast-paced generation, is considered unusual.

Manual plotter

Created by the artists Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl, this manner of design involves one person turning the machine to move the canvas while the other paints on the rotating canvas.

Exclusive color wall

A Hermès scarf consists of several colors, each of which represents different personalities, telling a story. Hermès invites you to define yourself by their colors. Pick up a pen and a post-it, and find yourself in this color wall.

CARRE OK (Karaoke)

Nothing other than karaoke can express the rich vitality of the Hermès silk scarf. In their exclusive karaoke room, neon lights illuminate the stage, and the microphone awaits any brave soul looking for a fun time.

CARRE cafe

When you get tired, come and take a break at the CARRE cafe, just like the ones on the streets of Paris.

Trendy silk scarf styling

Of course, there are many fashion veterans that know exactly how to wear a Hermès scarf. They mix and match according to their own styles, directly tying silk scarves into fashionable dresses. Wearing this style immediately places you at the focus of the party.

Simply pair the classic Hermès orange silk scarf with a black and white checkered blazer for an eye-catching and stylish look.

Short-haired girls should consider wearing the scarf as a headscarf for a quirky feel.

Bored by a simple t-shirt and skirt combination? Tie a brightly colored Hermès scarf to your waist for a new twist.

Men can also enjoy an elevated fashion status by wearing Hermès scarves.

The style of the on-site staff is also very fashionable. People can't help but want to sign up for a gig at the Hermès Carre club.

During Fashion Week, various parties are interspersed within the running show. The most enjoyable party most likely belongs to the Hermès Carre Club. Whether you prefer to chill with friends, experience hand-made delights, drink and browse around, or just relax, your special night, just like the Hermes's silk scarf, can be tailored to your unique personality.