When browsing social media, the most eye-catching picture is usually the most simplistic. If you are looking for an instagrammable holiday resort, then consider the iconic pink island of Bermuda. This special vacation destination has seven gorgeous highlights that will elevate your summer from bum to fun!

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

Historic splendor. Modern luxury. For over a century, the iconic “Pink Palace” has embodied these ideals and embraced Bermuda’s elite travelers. Opened in 1885, The Pink Palace has been refurbished in 2016 to make the iconic pink walls look even more glamorous. The interior also features works of art such as Jeff Koons, Banksy and Andy Warhol, as well as a wide selection of water sports such as swimming pools and cruises. In addition, for the iconic pink wall, the hotel also provides the hashtag #poseonpink for travelers to share their experience with their followers.

Jobson’s Cove Beach

Dreamlike pink beaches are virtually everywhere in Bermuda, but you may want to forgo the crowded Horseshoe Bay Beach and head towards Warwick Long Bay Beach instead. Follow the trail to the quiet Jobson's Cove and relax with friends on the pink sands.


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1609 Bar & Restaurant

The 1609 Bar & Restaurant is not only beautiful, it also has first-class service. Their must-try meal: sashimi, fish tacos, and pink cabbage, paired with a gorgeous view of the harbor, is like heaven on earth.


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The Town of St. George

Located on the eastern tip, St. George Island was once the capital of Bermuda. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features colorful and intriguing architecture including a pink town hall building and well-preserved Triassic fossils.


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Bailey’s Ice Cream

This iconic creamery located near the airport offers a wide range of flavors, but the blue-on-blue shop design, pairs the best with a signature rum raisin for perfect summer vibes!


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The Sunsets

One of the luckiest parts about living in Bermuda is that you can see beautiful sunsets everywhere, but where is the best viewing spot? If you are too lazy to walk far, you can easily grab a great view in Hamilton Harbor. If you have the physical willpower, walk to the secret spot at Abbot's Cliff to see the beautiful pink sky!


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The Flowers

The pink of Bermuda extends further than the architecture; the pink oleander, hibiscus and frangipani embellish the streets with pops of color. Stop to smell the flowers and instantly boost your mood!


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