Your audience is the foundation of your personal brand. It is crucial that the connections you make with them are intimate and genuine, so that you become a tight-knit community. This community is your main medium for self-branding, and acts as a conduit for sustaining your relationships, contacting the world, resonating with customers and colleagues, and building positive relationships in life. There are four primary things you must pay attention to while building your personal brand that will help you connect with your community in the most efficient way possible:

1. Be Positive

Many people often share joyful events or experiences with their audience, similar to checking-in on Facebook during travel or writing statuses about what you are currently interested in. If this same attitude is used to run your personal brand for the public, it will make your audience happy to receive personal brand news and generate anticipation for your content, which will increase followers for your brand.

2. Encourage Story Sharing

Everyone wants their voice to be heard and their thoughts to be understood, so creating opportunities for others to actively share their stories within your platform is a good way to bridge the gap between you and your audience. If you want to successfully run a personal brand, the first step is to satisfy the audience's curiosity about who you are, then to let them share their thoughts and stories. This strengthens the bonds between you and your followers. Remember, instead of static content created only by yourself, let users generate content dynamically, which will expand the growth of your brand.

3. Create Interesting Topics

When your audience is accustomed to your personal brand's regular release of heartwarming talks and pleasant news and is willing to share stories and interact with you, then you can introduce more variety in your content to keep your audience interested. Many excellent YouTubers and live channel owners use this technique when interacting with their audiences. For example, it is difficult to obtain an in-depth response from the ordinary opening: “How are you all today?” Your audience can answer in, at most, two or three sentences. Replace it with "Let’s talk about the happiest thing happened today," in order to guide your audience to recall more in-depth and specific content. This will engage your audience and maintain retention for a long run.

4. Build Trust

Trust is the most important element in self-branding. It can stimulate great communication within your channel and retain the engagement of your audience for longer. On your platform, your audience's responses are all precious. Whether they are leaving a message or sharing a story, your audience must remain connected to your brand. If you want to maintain user interaction from the beginning of recognition, actively responding to posts can help represent the attention your brand provides. As a result, your audience is encouraged to communicate with you more often. Personal branding influences the community positively by encouraging active audiences to share their experiences and helping them feel more connected to others in the same community. In addition to being a positive influence, your brand can also help create a network of contacts that will allow the audience to become friends and jointly support growth.